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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mind-Blowing Stats for Why You Need a Wide-Format Sign


Did you know that a start-up business gets half of its new customers thanks to great signage? Or that 35% of passersby would not know that a business was there if it weren’t for the sign? 


These are some of the data that show why you should be investing in great wide-format signage for your place of business if you aren’t already. 


Here are some more statistics compiled by Brandon Gaille, a widely recognized marketing expert with one of the most downloaded marketing podcasts (“The Blog Millionaire”) in the world. 



Average increase in sales revenue in the fast food industry by adding a large pole sign


Average increase in sales revenue in the retail industry by replacing a storefront wall sign with a larger sign


Percent of customers who live or work within a five-mile radius of your business


Number of times per month passersby could see your on-site sign


Percent of convenience market customers who stop on impulse based on a sign


Percent of customers who know about a local business because they saw a sign while passing by


Cost per 1,000 views for a single on-site sign



These are just a few of the data points that show the value of high-impact signs to draw customers and promote your business. What could the results be for yours?


Data Source: https://brandongaille.com/27-striking-statistics-on-effective-outdoor-signage/