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Monday, April 5, 2021

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Printed Products

April 05, 2021
Your Guide to Choosing the Right Printed Products



Picture this: you have a great idea, but you aren’t sure how to get the word out. Have no fear! There are plenty of ways to get your message into the world. Specifically, we’re talking about printing up your dream marketing materials. Check out the printed products below and the benefits of choosing each for your next marketing campaign. Why stop at one? Marry multiple materials together for a comprehensive plan. Let’s get started with each product and its benefits.



If you’re looking for something short and sweet to send out to your customers, this type of mailer will stand out. Did we mention that it typically costs less because it’s smaller and doesn’t require envelopes? This could be the perfect marketing tactic for a business on a budget. Just because it’s budget friendly doesn’t mean it can’t be designed to make a statement.



Brochures are a tried and true marketing tactic that can help inform potential customers and remind those who love you to come back for more. Pair your brochure with a brightly colored envelope to make it stand out in your potential customers’ mailboxes. 


Specialty Mailers

A specialized shape or an oversized mailer can really help your snail mail stand out. In a world of overly digital marketing tactics, receiving something special in the mail can be the perfect choice to grab your potential customers’ attention. Choose a specialty mailer when you are willing to spend a bit more to get a product that is uniquely created to grab attention. 


Car Wraps

If subtle is what you’re going for, then keep on scrolling. If you’re ready to make a big impact, consider the option to make a car or van go from zero to 60 fast. Vehicle wraps can be an eye-catching way to get your brand on the open road. This is an especially effective tool for a business looking for community awareness.



A large banner is perfect for your next big event. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or exhibiting at a conference, printing your message on a banner could help grab the attention of a complete stranger. If you have an occasion to make a big statement, this is the perfect option.



When you’re looking to mobilize your marketing, consider branding various apparel items. Develop a funny slogan or catchphrase to put on a T-shirt or design a sleek outfit using soft material. Make sure your logo is prominent. The more people that love the design or feel of the apparel, the more they’ll be walking around wearing your branded items.  


Home Goods

If you’re looking for something with “staying power” so to speak, consider coffee mugs, pens, magnets and more items you might find around your home. While the pieces may cost more to produce than sheets of paper, the longevity of these items is indisputable.


Digital Items

Okay, you caught us—digital isn’t a printed product. However, digital marketing can help complement your physical and printed marketing efforts. Use your printed products to drive your customers back to your website for a holistic marketing campaign. 


The best part about each of these items is that you don’t have to be the expert. If you’re still not sure what type of item you need to complete your project, leave it to the professionals. are there to help you based on your input for what you’d like to create. Develop a budget, message and audience, and then seek a consultation from the experts.


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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Encourage Your Customers to Support Small Businesses

March 09, 2021
Encourage Your Customers to Support Small Businesses



It’s no secret that many small and local companies have struggled to stay in business this past year due to unforeseen challenges and the global pandemic. Many businesses have needed to shut their doors partially, if not permanently, during these unprecedented times. 

However, many companies have continued to thrive due to smart marketing tactics and the backing of loyal customers, even if they weren’t performing all services or operating at full capacity. Whether you’re a business owner or a patron looking to support local, check out these ways you can support small businesses and make a difference in your community. 


Buy Small, Think Big

Buying from small businesses helps support the big picture for your community. Whether you’re an individual looking to print your wedding invitations or a business trying to stock your letterhead, consider going with a small business versus a megadealer. Many small businesses rely on income from in-person visits in their local community. As a business owner, that means less foot traffic during the pandemic has affected their small businesses in a much bigger way than a big box store. When you buy your products and services from other small, local businesses, you’re helping to extend a lifeline. Together, we can band together by supporting small businesses.


Encourage Referrals

People trust the people they know. Use your loyal followers to spread the word about your small business. Make printable referral cards or send them via email with a special code. Use that code to offer a discount if a new customer is referred by one of your tried and true followers. Give an incentive to your loyal customers, as well. That way, you’re encouraging repeat business, as well as finding new customers.


Give Out Swag

Branded swag items are both fun to get and a great way to get your name out there. For example, put an easy-to-remember website address on the back of a well-designed shirt and you’ve now created a walking billboard. The shirt mobilizes your brand by putting your name on the backs of some of your biggest fans. If the shirt is funny or mysterious enough to pique the interest of strangers, you’ve suddenly created new word-of-mouth opportunities. Consider offering social giveaways for people to spot the shirts or other branded swag items around town. When they post a picture on social media, they win a prize (or discount!) to your store.


Push Gift Cards Sales

If you’re a small business owner looking to make profits now, but your doors are currently closed due to restrictions, consider pushing gift card sales. Print gift cards that have an encouraging message or an incentive to use soon or when you open to full capacity. You’d be surprised at how far a heartfelt ask can go at helping your customers understand that you are in need of funds now in order for you to serve them in the future. 


While these are hard times for everybody, remember that we’re all human. It’s a great time to get creative with your marketing efforts and encourage your customers to support small and local businesses. Those that already know and love you have your back. Be empathetic with your messages and consider new ways to encourage supporting the small but mighty businesses in your community.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Show Love for Customers and Employees with These Seven Swag Items

February 09, 2021
Show Love for Customers and Employees with These Seven Swag Items


February is often seen as a month of love. After all, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. In the marketing world, it’s not about whether you’re taken, in a relationship or in the words of Facebook… “it’s complicated.” 

Instead, take time in February to show some other wonderful people in your life how much they mean to you. Use this month to show your customers and your employees how much they mean to you, all while getting your name out there. Check out seven pieces of swag to gift your team members and customers that they will absolutely adore!


1. Pandemic-Fighting Swag

This is an opportunity for your business to stay relevant AND send branded gifts. Think about new items that people are using every day that they didn’t need more than a year ago. Consider offering branded facemasks or hand sanitizer with custom labels. You’ll be helping to keep the ones you love safe all while keeping your company top of mind. 


2. Pens

Give your customers something to write home about. Pens are relatively cheap to print and you can hand them out like candy. Plus, when they’re in a pinch looking for something to scribble down their next great idea, you’ll be there to lend some ink. You can never have too many pens.

3. Coffee Mugs

You’ll be the first thing they think about when they wake up and drink coffee and the last thing they’ll think about when they make their nightly tea before bed. The more all-out you go with your mug design, the more likely they’ll use it over and over again. Cheers to that!

4. Custom Gifts

Whether for your customers or to remind your team members that you care, giving a specially-made gift shows that it came from the heart. While going the extra mile to print items with a first name, for example, may be a bit more pricey, it’s worth it to establish the relationship. When a gift comes personalized, it shows that you put extra thought and effort into choosing it. May we suggest a customized chocolate box for this month? 


5. T-shirts or Clothing

Fashion is considered a walking billboard. Plus, who doesn’t love some new threads? Put your logo on a new T-shirt or hoodie. Make sure to select comfortable fabric and choose items that fit your general demographic to increase the likelihood that your recipients will absolutely love their new swag.

6. Notepads

Notepads are where all bright ideas are written. Stamp your name or an inspirational sentiment at the top. Consider a writing prompt for your employees. Add your logo to the bottom and you’ve got a slick-looking gift to help the recipient keep track of their to-dos.

7. Stickers

You can put them on laptops, bike helmets and even on cars. Make sure your brand sticks to their memory with custom stickers. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box here. Instead of just a branded logo, consider a quote that resonates well with your audience. They’ll be more likely to put the sticker in a prominent place where they can always see it. 


It’s time to gift some swag to those you love most. Not only does it show your customers and employees that you care, but it also keeps your brand top of mind. The sky’s the limit with what you can print, so don’t be afraid to get creative. How will you show the people you care about that they mean the most to you?


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Monday, January 11, 2021

How to Make Video Content Work for Your Business

January 11, 2021
How to Make Video Content Work for Your Business


Lights, camera… action! It’s your business’s time to shine. 2021 is the perfect opportunity to start generating video content for your marketing efforts, or to spruce up the ideas you already have. It’s never a bad idea to try new content strategies and platforms. Besides, hundreds of thousands of businesses have seen success with their video content. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these six ideas to make video content work for your business this year. 


1. Follow a Storyline

No matter the type of video content you decide to shoot, there should always be a purpose. Ask yourself—what story are you trying to tell? Even a 10-second video should have some sort of plot line. Start by mapping out your objective, and then writing a script. If you’re looking for a more organic approach, outline your objectives and outline a sequence for your video, then let your talent adlib the script. 


2. Keep it Short

Attention spans continue to decrease as more and more content makes its way in front of potential customers. The longer your video, the more dropoff you’ll have on the attention span of your audience. For an effective marketing video, consider a video that is 30 seconds to a minute long. While there are certain scenarios where more or less will be effective, stick to around a minute as a good rule of thumb.


3. Get Emotional

People connect with real people. Use a video to make an emotional appeal to your audience. Showcase the positive impact you’ve made in your community. Talk to your customers on their level. Make yourself relatable to the end-user. Telling real stories that relate to your audience on an emotional level will help establish trust and credibility with your audience.


4. Tell Your Story

Every business has a “why” behind what they do. Use video content as a means to show the heart and soul of your business. Your customers may not know why you got into the business world. When customers create personal connections, they’re more likely to keep coming back in the future. 


5. Inject Humor

They say laughter is the best medicine, and we could all use some extra smiles these days. Consider showing the funny side of your team members or coming up with a funny video advertisement. If the video is funny enough and resonates with your audience, you’ll garner more shares and potential customers will more easily remember your brand. 


6. Provide Next Steps

No matter the type of content you decide to shoot, each video should serve a purpose. You’ll want to provide next steps at the end of your video whether that be a call to action on screen or a pop up that directs to your website. Consider what action you would like your audience to take, and then keep it short, sweet and concise. 


Now that you know about different ways to use video, let it work for your business! Consider your audience and what types of content you think they’ll resonate with most. Keep it simple, keep it relatable and keep it consistent for best results. Even smartphones have the capability to shoot quality video these days, so get out there and get to directing. You’re the star of your own company.


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Monday, January 4, 2021

How to Decide When It’s Time for a Brand Refresh

January 04, 2021
How to Decide When It’s Time for a Brand Refresh


At the close of each calendar year comes an important time of reflection. Many use the start of a new year to make resolutions for the future. New year, new you? The same concept can apply to your business’s branding, which includes your logo, colors, fonts and messaging. A refresh can be as simple as a logo alteration or as big as a total brand makeover. How will you know if the timing is right? Check out these five signs it’s time to consider a brand refresh in the new year.


1. You’ve Never Changed It

If you think your brand is so recognizable that you can’t possibly refresh it, consider this: Even big name brands like McDonalds and Facebook have undergone brand refreshes. No business is so recognizable that it can’t undergo an update. If it’s been a few years, consider revisiting your branding to see if there can be any improvements made. While you shouldn’t simply change it just to change it, there may be small ways to improve. 


2. Your Website Doesn’t Match Your Logo

If you’ve undergone a major change to your website but you failed to update other aspects of your brand, it may be time for a refresh. A common mistake many businesses make is updating one part of their branding, and forgetting about consistency across the board. If your website is in the 21st century but your logo or tagline are lacking, consider updating so that all of your marketing materials, including your website, are consistent.


3. You’re Expanding

Sometimes what you originally planned changes course. Businesses can outgrow their branding as their core vision or mission changes. Sometimes taglines or logos are too narrow and encompass only one core offering or product. While this may be where your business started, consider going broader to encompass where your business is going. It’s important when setting the course for your branding that you leave enough room for growth.


4. It’s Been Years Since You’ve Refreshed Your Branding

If you’ve been around for years and can’t remember ever changing up your logo, colors or messaging, it may be time to evaluate your branding. If you aren’t sure where to start, seek an outside opinion from branding experts. Have somebody look at your website, latest marketing materials, logo and other messaging. This will help give your business an outsider’s opinion on whether or not it’s time for a change.


5. Marketing Responses Have Become Stagnant

Your current marketing can say a lot about whether or not it’s time for a rebrand or a refresh. Consider the responses to your most recent marketing campaigns and whether or not you’ve been effective. You can also poll your current customers to see how they feel about your branding. Ask what feelings your primary colors evoke. Ask if your tagline is easy to remember and helps drive your values or mission. The feedback you receive could be telling toward whether or not it’s time for an update.


Keep in mind that each brand is different, and while one business may need a brand refresh after a couple years, another is still going strong after the same number of years. Pay attention to the response you’re getting from your marketing materials and feedback from your website. If you haven’t touched your branding in ages, it’s definitely time for an evaluation. Consider a focus group or other means of testing your branding. And if all else fails and you aren’t sure where to start, don’t be afraid to seek out branding experts for some help!


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Monday, November 30, 2020

Five Ways to Prep Your Marketing for the Holidays

November 30, 2020
Five Ways to Prep Your Marketing for the Holidays



The turkey has been devoured and the pumpkins put away, but the holidays are far from over. Now is the perfect time to kick your marketing efforts into high gear. While we don’t want you working straight through the holidays, there are some ways that you can get ahead and still enjoy much needed time with loved ones. No matter what holidays you celebrate in December, now through the New Year is a huge time for marketers. Take advantage with these five tips to prep your marketing through the end of the year.


1. Go Mobile

Billions of people use social media on their cell phones. However, many small businesses are continuing to optimize their websites for desktop instead of mobile. It’s time to meet your customers where they are. Make sure your website and online shopping experience are optimized to meet your customers’ mobile needs. The easiest way to ensure you are offering an easy-to-use site on a cell phone is to get out your phone, pull up your site and try to buy a product or book a service. You may be pleasantly surprised that your website transitions to a mobile-friendly experience, or discover that your website could use some work. 


2. Be Social

Now is the time to go big on your social media platforms and try to engage your following. The best part about social media posts is that you can use a scheduling platform to ensure that your social media presence continues, all while you’re enjoying time with your family. To ensure that your posts are friendly and relatable, try reading your posts out loud. If it’s something you would say to a friend, you’re good to post away. Use your social media during this time to announce sales, give thanks for your customers and have some fun.


3. Schedule Promotions

Just because Black Friday has passed doesn’t mean promotions are done for the year. Consider holiday marketing deals that will drive your customer base to choose your business over your biggest competitors. While this could mean a big sale, it doesn’t always have to be a huge markdown. Consider what your customers will see as a value add to their purchase and go from there.


4. Master Your Call to Action

What is it exactly that you’re trying to get your audience to do? A strong call to action (CTA) will make or break the best of marketing campaigns. Your business should be clear, concise and to the point with your CTA so that there is no confusion about what you’re asking. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is making a weak ask. For example, simply sending an email marketing piece that doesn’t ask your customers to take next steps like shopping on your website or booking a consultation is far less likely to be a success. 


5. Diversify Your Content

We’re all unique, which makes us special. Remember that not all customers will celebrate the same holidays as you or your business. Make sure that your business is inclusive and acknowledges the spirit of the season by extending your well wishes to all. 


While the holidays feel like they’re in full swing, there are still marketing tactics that your business can jump in on to get ahead of the December holiday marketing rush. Remember to meet your customers where they are, give enough incentive to buy from your business and to keep your communications relatable and direct. Most of all, make the most of this holiday season.


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Monday, November 9, 2020

Calls to Action that Drive Engagement

November 09, 2020
Calls to Action that Drive Engagement


You’ve probably heard some of the essentials to strengthening your web presence: updated website, strong social networking, email marketing, etc. You may already know how to ask potential customers to try your products or service. But, many small businesses often misunderstand what online calls to action are and how they can affect a marketing strategy.

Strong calls to action (CTA) contribute to the success of any institution. For a business, they can make the difference between heightened sales and diminished opportunities. Calls to action are exactly what they sound like—words or phrases that drive visitors to take a specific action on your site. In other words, they function as a stepping stone between website visitors just passing by and those who feel invested enough to try out the service.

You should include effective CTAs throughout your website, social media, email messages and especially on landing pages. When it comes to crafting useful and compelling calls to action, keep these helpful pointers in mind.

  • Use action words. There’s a reason we call it a call to action. When constructing a CTA button, use powerful, compelling verbs that will attract visitors and drive engagement.
  • Be concise. Keep it simple. State the necessities in as few words as possible.
  • Talk about services. While maintaining succinctness, make sure your visitors fully understand what the business does. For example, instead of using the CTA Buy now! on a landing page, try See our new product now!
  • Choose colors. Design plays a huge role in crafting a creative CTA. Use eye-catching, contrasting colors that catch visitors’ attention and draw them in. And understand how colors impact an audience’s conversion. For example, red creates a sense of urgency while blue evokes trust and security.
  • Go step-by-step. People love CTAs they can follow easily. When crafting your call to action, ask yourself: “If I had no idea what was going on, would I be able to follow this on this site?” If not, you may want to rethink your website design setup.
  • Think “I want to…” Imagine your call to action as an “I want to” button. Nobody wants to submit a form. But they may want to get a free sample!

By following these simple pointers, you can easily create calls to action that will generate customer leads. Now that you have some tips, get started with these 20 CTA examples.

  1. Keep me informed.
  2. Talk to us.
  3. Give us a call.
  4. Find out more!
  5. Learn more information.
  6. Click here and save!
  7. Sign up for our newsletter.
  8. Take action!
  9. Join our mailing list.
  10. Join here.
  11. Become a member!
  12. Start today!
  13. Get involved!
  14. Subscribe to our blog.
  15. Follow these steps!
  16. Partner with us.
  17. Start a trial.
  18. Try us out now.
  19. Let's talk!
  20. Try it today.

When it comes to a business’s online presence, carefully-crafted calls to action are vitally important. A CTA that draws visitors in and generates constructive leads will result in higher engagement and increased customer sales.

By following valuable pointers and utilizing these top 20 examples of CTAs, a business can develop effective calls to action and continue to grow their bottom line.


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