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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

HELLO! Is There Anybody Out There?


Now that counties are opening up we all know it's imperative to get re-engaged with your customer base, safely. One of the most tried and true methods is direct mail. It has always been an important part of any marketing strategy, but even more relevant in this current era of digital overload and social distancing.

Not sure where to start? We have a few tips!

- Direct mail is particularly effective now while people are “working at home” or just returning to the office. They read more and are hungry for outside contact. Direct mail is a perfect way to reach them.

- Align with sales prospects. Because postage is the costly part of a direct mail campaign, businesses should work with their sales team to identify the best candidates to receive a direct mail piece.

- Create a clear call to action. Do you want them to call you for an appointment? Visit the website? Go to a contact form?

- Customize your audience! If you have multiple customer channels, write to each particular segment. What you say to someone in healthcare is different than what you would say to someone in education. Divide your customer list and write the BEST message to the correct audience.

- Personalize your message! Phoenix Media can use variable tags and other information like the client’s name, company name and even sign each letter with your company’s appropriate account executive.

 - Create a follow-up plan. If your sales team has input into who is getting your direct mail piece, make sure they are ready for follow up. Follow up and a call to action for your client is the best way to turn a direct mail campaign into a success!

- Have fun. Be creative. Be bold.  Toothless, boring campaigns won’t get the results you want. Ask yourself the question: “Would I open and read this mailer?”

Here at Phoenix Media, we can print your promotional piece, address each item, sort and remove duplicates from your list and even update mailing addresses if your potential client has moved. For businesses wanting to reach a new potential customer, we can print and mail to every home in a zip code or even a mail route within a zip code. In other words, we can get you re-engaged with your customers on a very tangible level, fast!

If you can imagine it, we can create it and get it into your customers hands.
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