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Tuesday, February 27, 2018 Referral Program!

February 27, 2018 Referral Program!


Exciting news! 

We are bringing back our legendary referral program! For each new client you refer to Phoenix Media, you will receive a $25 credit once they place their first order. Additionally, the person you refer will receive $25 off their first order as well!!! How amazing is that? 

This program is space limited be sure to sign up ASAP
Status of enrollment: OPEN  

Get started:
1. You have to register for the program: Register now  (once you click register now please include " referral program" in the subject line, and your contact info in the body of email)  
2. Once you register, you will receive your unique promo code to tell your friends, post on your blog, add to social media, whatever you want to do with it. You can also order free cards with your promo code printed on them to keep at the ready in your wallet!
3. Once you sign up for the program, you will receive monthly updates on how many successful referrals you’ve performed and how much referral credit you have.

Simple as that!

Terms and conditions 
** You can only refer new clients, not existing ones! 
** The new account’s first order must be greater than $50 to qualify.
** Abuse or fraudulent use of this program will result in a very serious lifetime ban from the use of our services. Determination of legitimate use is at the discretion of Phoenix When in doubt, don't be afraid to ask!
** We have the right to discontinue this program at any time.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Love is Love!

January 24, 2018
Love is Love!

Phoenix Media is pleased to continue its involvement with the Portland Love Show. After a six-year hiatus, the 200-plus artist event is back. The Return of the Love Show opens Feb 3 with a celebration at Ford Gallery and Ford Food and Drink. Ben Pink, one of the founders of The Love Show, was instrumental in reviving this exhibition, a long-time favorite amongst Portland artists. "This is a show about love. Not just the sappy Hallmark kind of love, but love in all its many forms: The good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly," says Pink about the legendary show.

This year The Love Show benefits Transition Projects. Phoenix Media and The Love Show crew strongly encourage everyone to bring a donation of clothing and other much-needed supplies to the opening celebration to support Transition Projects. Transition Projects delivers life-saving and life-changing assistance to some of Portland’s most vulnerable residents. Winter is here and many, many folks are in need of clothing and other important items. HERE is a list of accepted items. Show your love. Please bring what you can to the opening celebration or to Ford Gallery throughout the duration of the show.

Return of the Love Show Opening Celebration
Ford Gallery
2505 SE 11th Ave
6 pm-11pm

Show runs Feb 3 - March 12.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Oregon Small Business Fair

December 20, 2017
Oregon Small Business Fair

Oregon Small Business Fair 

For the last two years, we have been proud to sponsor and table at the Oregon Small Business Fair. We really love this event! It’s a great opportunity for small businesses to network with other businesses and access valuable resources to help start, grow, and sustain your business. In 2017, the OSBF offered the following workshops:

New Business Track 
    Small Business Legal Basics – Learn how to protect your small business and deal with some of the legal issues involved when owning and running a business. You will discover how to avoid common mistakes while dealing with contracts, hiring employees, property leases, business name registration and   local business tax requirements. Presenters are Brian Dasso of the Small Business Legal Clinic, Ruth Miles, Secretary of State’s Office; Din Belderrain, Portland Tax Division; Amanda Caffall, The Commons Law Center.
      Business Plans – Learn why Business Plans are important and essential to the success of your business.  Find out the resources available to help create you create a business plan.  Presented by Kay Kloster and Marilyn Scott of SCORE

      Small Business Taxes – Learn what you need to know to stay on the right track with Federal and State Taxes.   Find out what to file and how to pay and the pros and cons of a sole proprietor, a partnership, an LLC, or a corporation.  Learn the difference between an employee and an independent contractor.  Presented by Greg McAllister, Oregon Department of Revenue; KayDel Marshall, Internal Revenue Service.

      Established Business Track 

      Access to Capital – Learn from a variety of funding sources how to obtain capital for your business.  Business Oregon offers direct loans and loan guarantees and the Small Business Administration also has  Loan Guaranty Programs. Find out what kind of financial information is needed to obtain bank loans and the different kinds of loans offered such as loans to buy commercial property, loans to expand capacity, financing inventory, etc.  Also included is information on Crowd Funding and Equity Source Financing, venture, angel investors, and nontraditional debt financing..  A business needs to know about different types of capital for different types of business.   Find out about the Oregon Capital Scan, what type of capital is right for you, and how to access it.   Presenters are Nate Wildfire and Neal Fitzgerald, Business Oregon; Scott Bossom, SBA; Robin Wang, Ascent Funding, and Amy Pearl from Hatch Innovation.

      Successful Use of Social Media for Your Small Business – Do you wonder what you should focus on in your small business marketing? Is social media changing so fast that you don’t know what you should focus on next? You’re not alone. Come to this workshop and learn what to focus on. Learn the right kind of social media for your business, the ins and outs of online advertising, how to build relationships online with potential customers, as well as the number one social media tool and how you can use it. Presented by Albert Kaufman of AlbertIdeaTion and David Baer of Baer On Marketing

      Government Contracting – Is not just for Big Business. Would you like to sell your products or services to Federal, State, or Local Governments?    Learn about government contracting certifications and resources.  Learn how to get registered,• Understand the procurement process as well as realities and myths of government contracting.  Special programs exist for Minority and Women Owned businesses as well as Emerging Small Businesses.  Presented by Kelly Stevens-Malnar of CoBid, Yuri Dyson of SBA, Carrie Hulse of Business Oregon, Tiffani Penson of  City of Portland and Lee Fleming of Multnomah County

      We can’t wait to be back again next fall. Well alert you when the date is approaching. We love to see new businesses not only start up but succeed and thrive. Hope to see you there!

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      Friday, December 15, 2017

      Clueless about Graphic Design?

      December 15, 2017
      Clueless about Graphic Design?
      Having a good and prompt graphic designer can often be expensive and hard to find, but with Phoenix Media, it’s simple!
      We have our own graphic design team that ranges in price (depending on the level of the designer and complexity of the project) and is always there when you need them! Our team can work one-on-one with you to help you reach your ultimate design goals.
      We offer a variety of services from logo design to, simply, business cards. Whether it’s something small like changing an address on your current business card or something larger like branding, our designers are prepared to handle anything!
      Check out some of our designs below:

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      Friday, December 8, 2017

      Did You Know We Offer Bulk Mailing Services?

      December 08, 2017
      Did You Know We Offer Bulk Mailing Services?

      Do you have a stack of holiday postcards that you need to mail out still? Or, maybe you just started a small business and would like to send out some promotional materials to the households within your zip code? Whatever the case may be, at Phoenix Media we understand how difficult it can be to find the time to get to the post office.

      Our bulk mailing service is equipped to handle all aspects of your job:

      • Class Certification
      • Presorting
      • Tagging
      • Inkjet Addressing
      • Delivery to the post office

      And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home! You can do all of the ordering through our site:
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      Wednesday, December 6, 2017

      The Importance of Business Cards

      December 06, 2017
      The Importance of Business Cards

      Whether or not you realize it, business cards are one of the most powerful (and economical!) tools you have to market yourself and your business.

      Think about it.

      Simply put, they represent YOU (or your business). The colors you choose, the design, the size–they’re all reflections of your own personal style and the type of business you’re running.

      At Phoenix Media, we feel that it’s important to take advantage of the freedom you have to create your own business card. It’s a first and last impression among your peers and clients. Especially in this economic climate, being able to stand out is crucial to the survival of your business.

      Most importantly, business cards are MEMORABLE. Exchanging contact information can get sloppy and phone numbers that are added to a cell phone can often be forgotten about. By handing someone a business card, they’re much more likely to put it in their wallet or purse, which will inevitably make the card more visible.

      And, although business cards come rather cheap these days, spending a little extra on them goes a long way. In the words of viral video superstar and pitchman, Joel Bauer, “if it looks like crap, IT IS crap!”

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      How-To: Using bleeds to properly format your document

      December 06, 2017
      How-To: Using bleeds to properly format your document

      “What are bleeds?”

      This is a common question often posed to us by our customers and it’s a rather difficult concept to explain. The best way we know how to describe bleeds is by showing bleeds. Take a look at the following document:

      You should see three lines: safety, cut, and full bleed. All of your crucial text and images that you do not want cut off should not extend beyond the safety line. This line is to safeguard your text and images from the cutter, which can move slightly during the cutting process.

      The dashed cut line is where the flyer will be cut. Again, sometimes the cutter can move slightly during the cutting process so it’s best to keep the important stuff within the safety line.

      And, finally, the notorious full bleed line. This is where the contents of your document (back ground color, the parts of  images and text you don’t mind getting trimmed off, borders, etc.) should extend to in order to ensure a proper cut. The reason we require bleeds is to make sure that, when trimmed, there are no white slits showing around the edges of your document from the paper stock, since we print on white paper. We want your document to have a nice, clean cut.

      Therefore, after your design is completed, your 4×6 file should measure 4.25×6.25 with the full bleed (that’s an additional 1/8 of an inch on all sides). This applies to any file you submit, whether it’s an 8.5×11 brochure, 11×17 poster, business card–ANYTHING. All designs must include the full bleed. We recommend setting the size of your document to the size with the full bleed prior to designing it and using our guide as a reference.

      If you’re confused about how to setup your document, please check out the following video:

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